Hey Lauren!

Please write out a paragraph regarding the social aspect of this club and relate it back to our pillars of LBSA. Feel free to reach out to Andres or Pablo if you have any questions regarding the pillars of LBSA. You can also look back at the constitution. Reach out to me if you have ideas on how you want to format this page or if you want pictures attached. Be sure to add a section/paragraph of Redemption or other social you have done. You can also put a section of the Winter retreat (amazing job BTW). Add as much as you can and i will try my best to format it! Thanks girl!



Example outline: (This is simply to start you off, feel free to go about it your own way)

*short paragraph regarding the pillar of social for LBSA*

Other sections to consider:

  • social clubbing events (You might/might not want to add this portion in because we are trying to go for a professional look)
  • winter retreat in regard to bonding and forming familia
  • social outings