Other Chapters

As LBSA has been present at UCI for 15 Years now, we like to honor and support our other chapters at Universities all throughout Southern California. With the help of our United Latino Student Association (ULSA) Representative, we are able to collaborate and grow the number of LatinX student involvement within these campuses.

Recent Collaborations!


HSBA Long Beach 

Last Friday 10/5 a couple of our members joined HSBA at their Loteria Night. There, our members played a couple rounds of Loteria games and enjoyed an all-you-can-eat taco stand. They also got to socialize with our Long Beach State chapter known as the Hispanic Student Business Association.


(Left: Pablo Munoz, Johanna Vazquez, and Carlos Reyes)    (Right: HSBA President Vanesa Torres)


LBSA Cal State Fullerton 

Last Saturday 10/6 a couple of our members joined LBSA CSUF with their Dog Walking Community Service Event in Garden Grove. Each member got to walk several dogs around a yard, with chances to sit and pet them, let them drink water, and run with them. Our members bonded with their dogs as well as socialize with our fellow LBSA chapter. FullSizeRender.jpeg

Previous Collaborations


Dodgeball Tournament!

This past summer, HBS CSULA hosted a Dodgeball Tournament that gathered some LatinX Business Chapters together for some friendly competition. A couple of our members participated in the tournament and teamed up with LBA CSUN to in the end win the tournament! There were also snacks such as fruta picada & drinks being sold throughout the game to help keep the players fresh and hydrated. Also present at this completion were other LatinX Business chapters such as LBSA CSUF, HSBA LB, and LSBA DH.

FullSizeRender-1.jpegTournament Winners!