Interested in joining LBSA?

The Latino Business Student Association will not only provide its members with the resources or opportunities to improve their professional skills and build a strong network, the organization will provide the support and encouragement needed to succeed. The Executive Board will ensure that each member’s experience year after year will be filled with new memories with new friends. The board will host community service events, professional development sessions during meetings as well as attend conferences throughout the year and provide the stress relieving socials for the familia to bond at. The board will ensure that the familia aspect of the organization remains strong and active throughout the year and that each member grows professionally, academically, and personally with their support.

Visit our payment options and membership packets below.

The $40 Full Year Active Membership Free Includes: 

– LBSA Shirt
– Business Cards
– 1 free Bus Ride to Social Event
– 1 free ULSA event
– 5 free resume for Networking events
– Scholarship opportunity
– Priority Carpooling for Off Campus Events
– Special Pricing for UCI LBSA Events
– Opportunity to be apart of LBSA’s Mentorship and Familia programs

If interested, please fill out the member form below:

Payment Plan:

First Payment: Jan 24 ($20)

Second Payment: Feb 21 ($10)

Third Payment: March 14 ($10)

LBSA UCI Venmo username: @LBSAUCI

*Must be an Active-Member to participate in voting for the End-of-the-Year Election*


If interested or questions arise, contact the Director of Finance directly. Thank you.