Our LBSA Pillars all categorize under Academics

Academic Achievement is the foundation that the Latino Business Student Association is based on along with the three pillars we stand by: Professional, Social, and Community Service. LBSA strives to help its members in all ways possible to have a successful academic year. Although we more than gladly accept both active and non-active members, becoming an active member is foremost the way to take advantage of all the opportunities that LBSA has to offer.

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To become an active member, one must be actively engaged in our organization’s events and exemplify the three pillars. Becoming an active member makes those who are interested eligible to win the End-of-the-Year Scholarship, participate in the LBSA Mentorship program, obtain business cards, and much more.

Our main goal, as Academics being the foundation in which we stand, is to gear members towards graduate school and assist them in any way possible to attain their academic, personal, and professional goals. One way we aim to achieve so, is by implementing regular study hours throughout the week where members are encouraged to come to and study with other board members. Not only does it allow them to have a set time to study and focus, but it also comes with the incentive of earning points and being eligible for the raffle we hold at the end of every quarter. Not only do we have regular study hours throughout the quarter, but also at the final stretch and most stressful weeks of all, finals week. We have what we call, LBSA Student Center Takeover, where all board members, active members, non-active members, and just about anyone that knows of our takeover joins together at the student center and study together to Ace those finals.

No matter the time, LBSA will be there to support anyone that may be having a hard time getting through those last finals.

LBSA Mentorship Program
The Mentorship program is by far one of the most effective ways of learning, exploring different opportunities, and meeting new people. It encompasses all three pillars in one when done with your mentor or mentee. Coming in to college for the first time can be nerve-wracking, and what we aim to accomplish through the Mentorship program is to make the college experience for our members much less stressful. The Mentorship program is aimed to help members with their academic, professional, and personal goals. The program creates a very strong support system between the mentors and mentees that are paired together. We do our best to cater to what the members want and match them to a member that best fits their criteria. The mentors and mentees learn about new skills and ideas that can be taken far beyond just our LBSA familia.

Any Active-Member is welcomed and greatly encouraged to apply for such a great opportunity.


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