Academic Achievement is the foundation that the Latino Business Student Association is based on along with the three pillars we stand by: Professional, Social, and Community Service. LBSA wants to help and foster Academic Achievement for all its members. We are supporting a group bright individuals in their higher education. We do this by providing daily study hours for our members hosted by our very own board members. It is up to them to take full advantage of this opportunity. We give academic scholarships at the end of the school year in hopes that they feel recognized for their hard effort. We have a Director of Academics Affair in hopes that members realize it is an important aspect of LBSA. Our Director is always available to them and is more than willing to help them in anyway that they can. We hope that through the school year they see them an another resource available to them on campus. Ultimately, we hope all members look to LBSA be a support system for all their academic endeavors.


LBSA Mentorship Program
Another important program is the Mentorship Program. The Mentorship program is just one of many things available to our active members. Member can apply to either be a mentor or a mentee. It is a great way to build a unique bond with one another. Coming into college it is important that everyone have a support system. Applying to the mentorship program is like applying to another support system. In a mentor, members will find a friend who will hopefully be responsive to their needs, Whether that be a study buddy, someone to hang out during stressful times, or someone they can look up to. We encourage our members to become mentors because it is a good way to give back. It makes them responsible for someone else and hopefully they can build a lifelong bond. As a mentor they are an essential part in making members feel welcomed and included in LBSA.

Study Hours