About Us

Our Mission

The Latino Business Student Association is a student run non-profit organization established in 2003. The purpose of LBSA is to assist its members, from various ethnic backgrounds and fields of studies at UCI, in the pursuit of professional skills and careers while raising awareness of the Latino culture. The organization accomplishes this by focusing on its three pillars: Professional Development, Social Interaction, and Community Service, with the foundation of Academic Achievement.

Presidential Address

IMG_3618 This organization seeks to further the success of its members by providing them with a multitude of resources. LBSA seeks to create a welcoming environment where our members are able to grow professionally. By hosting workshops run by local business professionals, we are able to provide members with core business skills such as networking and resume building while also offering professional connections. Additionally through our signature event, PDC, and other professional ULSA events, members are able to interact with recruiters from companies and put these skills into practice. This will enable our members to be ready for the workforce when they graduate and establish a network of professionals.

Moreover, while they are attending UCI, LBSA ensures the social interaction of its members through community service events and socials such as our winter retreat. These events allow us to establish a warm environment for our members and provide them with a solid support system. We understand the value of giving students a home here at UCI so they feel comfortable and are able to live up to their full potential. We are looking forward to the prospects of the upcoming year.

The Objectives of LBSA

1. Academic Responsibility for our members
2. Educate LBSA members on the numerous career opportunities within the business world.
3 . Develop in its members the proper knowledge base and skills ­set needed to be successful in the on ­campus recruiting process and the professional environment.
4. Create a network and maintain a continuous relationship between business professionals, the community, and its members.
5. Develop a strong sense of community, family atmosphere.
6. Raise cultural awareness within our membership of the Latino culture.