Pillars Updates

Winter 2022 Academic Study Hours

Hello Familia,

Our executive board is more than happy to announce the return of this winter quarter’s study hours with a new lineup of board members! Study hours are typically hosted during the start of week 3 of each quarter to give the members of our organization to spend time together studying during the weekday until the end of Week 10.

Who is this quarter’s host for study hours?

Great question! The zoom meetings and more are on the flyer above for easier accessibility. If you have any questions about study hours, feel free to contact either the host or our Director of Academic Affairs, Ariana Ramos.

Will study hours return to an in-person setting this quarter?

At the moment, we do not know yet if we’ll be able to return to an in-person setting. We plan to return after January (as stated in the extension to remote instruction) to CSL. However, we are prepared to carry out study hours virtually for the remainder of the quarter and beyond.

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