Community Service

Encompassing one of the three pillars of LBSA, Community Service has an important impact for our members and our neighboring communities. Made from different remarkable members, the LBSA family exemplifies how community service and along with our two other pillars, academics and social, represents a well rounded student  leading to their own professional growth they will obtain. It illustrates how one’s life should also consist of giving and helping back to those in order to view the world we live in, in different manners.

Youth and Parent Conference 2016-2017

Another aspect of community service is helping out our future student leaders of our neighboring high schools, mentoring them throughout the year. In the end of our school year, we host the annual Youth and Parent Conference which is a big conference that gives different opportunities for high school students to take advantage of. There are guest speakers, presentations, and workshops that will provide different useful information that these students will use in their futures. It is an amazing opportunity to help our future students into the right path.