Our Social Pillar embodies executing events within LBSA and other organizations on or off campus. Some events maintain the family aspects of LBSA are: retreats, potlucks, clubbing socials, bowling nights, ect. The activities created by this director will help develop the social and personal attributes of the membership. The purpose of these events are to bond, network and create friendships with one another. Overall, the primary goal is to provide a family like environment where members can create long-lasting memories!

22424282_1564937880229911_1034114322742603124_oRedemption, one of the many exciting events that will be held, kick started the year at the beginning of Fall quarter 2017. Redemption is LBSA’s annual clubbing social, where more than 150 UCI students gather together for a fun filled night full of dancing! This event is for the purpose of member bonding and enjoyment, but also to fundraise for future events.


IMG_4231Just before Thanksgiving break, LBSA held its first potluck of the year. We all gathered together and had our very own Thanksgiving! It was an evening filled with delicious food, music, and bonding! With the reveal of mentor/ mentee, many active members were able to walk away an even closer bond with one another. It was a great way for members to destress after midterms and get to know each other better.

As Fall quarter finals came to an end, many members of the LBSA familia traveled to Big Bear, CA for an exciting weekend filled with adventure, bonding, and destressing! This was a great weekend for members to form deeper bonds with one another, while relaxing and enjoying their surroundings.

Winter Retreat 2017-2018